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PostgreSQL 9.5.4

I am using Mac OS X El Captain (10.11.6): Download from When you want start, looking up PostgreSQL 9.5.4 inside LaunchPad. Download pgAdmin III: (1.22.1)

Call from Terminal:

Quit psql by command

Connect with database named vy from Terminal

Get current date (case-insensitive in command), arithmetic calcuation

See available help (press… Read More »

Java – Python eco-system – equivalent technology

JDK 1.8 update 102 – Python 3.5.2 Hibernate ORM – SQLAlchemy 1.0.14 Quartz –  ApScheduler Spring WebMVC Framework – Django Apache Tomcat – Apache httpd Java XML parsing (SAX, JAXP) – Python xml.etree.ElementTree Java Gson – Python ujson RabbitMQ – pika, Celery, Haigha … Do Nhu Vy Software engineer

jQuery 3.x technique

Remove HTML element

Short-hand of $(document).ready

window.load event

Notice: window.load event happen when image, iframe loading finished (not just DOM load finish: when we use document.ready). See the difference result by console.log timestamp:

Google Chrome 52 on Mac OS X, press command + option + I to see developer toolbar and see… Read More »

Mac OS X El Captain (10.11.6) usage

Kill process

Shortcut key: Operating system command + shift + 3: Take screenshot all screen command + shift + 4: Take screenshot at a specific area command + control + F: toggle fullscreen command + M: minimize window control + A, then control + K: delete line in Terminal command + C, command +… Read More »

Python 3

To call Python3 from command line:

How to enable Python debugger inside PyCharm 2016?

Helpful shortcut key PyCharm 2016.2 Ultimate on Mac OS X El Captain (10.11.6): command + F8: tongle breakpoint at line shift + command  + F8: view breakpoints list control + shift + D: Run debug option + command +… Read More »

Zoho CRM integration

WHAT IS ZOHO CRM? Zoho CRM is a SaaS, is an on-demand Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for managing your customer relations. WHY INTEGRATE ORCHARD WITH ZOHO CRM? Save information about customer and their behavior from own information system to Zoho CRM, it will make profits at the moment also in near future. HOW TO… Read More »


Currently, we have many Java implements for message broker are RabbitMQ, Kafka, ActiveMQ, Kestrel. RabbitMQ is the most usage stuff. Download: Check running status:


Start RabbitMQ:

Of course, you want run RabbitMQ command everywhere (don’t need change directory to  /usr/local/sbin/) you run command

JAVA IMPLEMENT Create Maven project has pom.xml… Read More »

XML document parsing

Project structure: pom.xml


Java code:


Google Cloud platform experience

You can give Googlge Cloud Platform a chance to try at here: . You have $300 in 60 days free (depend what conditions come first). Everything so simple like old stuff. For the sake of simplicity, let’s try Google Cloud Compute Engine first, it likes install operating system on your own bare metal server.… Read More »